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Refund and Cancellation Agreement:
All fees are non-refundable.
Credit toward future BHTTS trainings will be given for cancellations at least 7 days prior to teacher training minus a $100 processing fee.
If BHTTS cancels for any reason, a full credit or refund will be issued. BHTTS reserves the right
to amend this policy at its sole discretion.
Please have your references mail their recommendations directly to Shannon Jones at
sjones@indigoyoga.net. (At least one submission must be a professional recommendation.)
A pdf with guidlines will be given in a download after submission of this form.
I understand that once I submit this application, I must pay the $500 deposit and submit my letters of recommendation.
I understand that in addition to my 3 letters of recommendation, I must also submit a copy of my 200-hour certification program curriculum agenda/schedule to sjones@indigoyoga.net.
I understand if I miss any training sessions, I must contact the Assistant Director
and I must make up missed sessions within the designated timeline of my entire training.
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To complete the deposit payment, either pay in-studio or go online to clients.mindbodyonline.com and go to "Online Store" and purchase the "BHTTS Deposit." Tuition Payments can be made by cash, check, ACH, credit card or debit card. ACH and debit cards are preferred.

The Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School (BHTTS) has been training students to become teachers in a variety of capacities since 2010.  We have trained hundreds of people throughout the years of ages and stages in life.  

During the five modules of BHTTS, whether at our 5-month Winter-Spring Session, our 17-day Summer Intensive, our 5 month Fall Training Session, or our offsite/international sessions, our training involves more than teaching students how to teach a class.  Our training includes a deep exploration of the self.  Students will explore areas of communication, blocks that stand in the way of being present with others, situations and realities, as well as unearthing levels of awareness.  This area of personal development can potentially uncover things from the past; memory, difficulty, challenging times and even trauma. It may also uncover many wonderful things that have been long forgotten. Whatever the scenario, we want to be transparent with our participants that recollection and resulting emotion from that recollection may occur. 

All of the facilitators and coaches are prepared for and sensitive to these experiences and it is our responsibility to ensure that you have the support that you need in order to successfully complete the training program. Because of that, we require a commitment from you. If you are under the care and guidance of a mental health professional, our expectation is that you inform us so that we can support you fully; inform your mental health care professional of your endeavors with BHTTS; and most importantly, you remain under that care for the entire BHTTS training.  It is your responsibility to maintain safe boundaries and to let our staff know if you need additional support. 

We recognize that we are asking you to share private, sensitive information about your health care. It is our commitment to you that we keep this information secure and confidential. BHTTS staff (BHTTS Owner/Director, BHTTS Assistant Director, BHTTS Onboarding Coordinator and all support staff) have been trained in confidentiality practices and understand the sensitive nature of this information. This information is entered into a secure electronic record that is password protected and only BHTTS staff have access. The hard copies are shredded, or the hard copies are stored in a locked file cabinet to which only BHTTS staff has access. We appreciate your participation in this agreement and look forward to a shared, successful BHHTS experience.

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