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December 1 and December 2, 2018.
Sanskrit Basics for Yogis: Saturday 12/01 9AM-11:30AM: The science of yoga is filled with Sanskrit vocabulary. Teachers and practitioners of yoga, Ayurveda, or meditation can benefit from learning how to pronounce Sanskrit with correct breath, resonance, rhythm, and tongue position. We will talk about Sanskrit as a language, learn pronunciation basics, and practice reading many common yoga terms and posture names.

2 CEUs / $60 / Or sign up for the four classes together to save $40 and receive 10 CEU’s.


An Introduction to AyurvedaSaturday 12/01  1:00-3:30PMAyurveda is a profound system of wholistic medicine from India dating back at least 5000 years. Treating every person as a unique blend of qualities, Ayurveda emphasizes the prevention of disease through a diet and lifestyle appropriate to each individual’s unique physical and mental constitution. We will translate many shlokas directly from Ayurvedic texts.

* Samkhya philosophy of creation and emergence of the 5 elements
* 6 tastes, 20 attributes (ex. hot/cold) and 3 doshas
* how to determine your physical and mental constitution
* healthy daily habits

2 CEUs / $60 / Or sign up for the four classes together to save $40 and receive 10 CEU’s.


Ayurvedic Cooking Class: Saturday 12/01 4:30-7PM: We will learn the energetics of foods, what foods are beneficial to each individual body-type, and food combining, followed by a demonstration with instruction on how to prepare an Ayurvedic meal which we will then share together.

This workshop will be held in a commercial kitchen about a mile away from our Sundance Square studio; the address will be sent to you upon registration. This class has a very limited number of spots for a more intimate class experience and it is separate from the bundle of four classes.

Participants will learn from Bachman by observation, while he may call on a few participants to learn by assisting him in the preparation. Participants will then enjoy the prepared dinner together.

$85/2 CEU’s *The Ayurvedic Cooking class is separate and is not part of the bundle.

Asana Names and Stories: Sunday 12/02 9AM-11:30AM: The Sanskrit names for yoga postures provide a standard reference that can be used anywhere in the world. So, for teachers of yoga, it is important to know them. When the asana names are vocalized with correct pronunciation and rhythm, it adds a whole new dimension to the postures. We will also explore the reason or story behind the name of each posture.

2 CEUs / $60 / Or sign up for the four classes together to save $40 and receive 10 CEU’s.

The Yoga Sutras: Understanding Suffering: Sunday 12/02 1:30PM-3:30PMPain and suffering can reveal otherwise hidden aspects of ourselves and provide an opportunity to move forward and learn from the past. By understanding these aspects of ourselves, we move a step closer to enabling a quiet and still heart-mind, and making conscious, appropriate, and well-thought-out choices and actions.

2 CEUs / $60 / Or sign up for the four classes together to save $40 and receive 10 CEU’s.

**to learn more about Nicolai, please see our “Expert Contributor” page for his bio



October 26 - 28, 2018 | Friday 6:30-8pm, Saturday 9-4pm, Sunday 9-12pm

Bring your love of yoga to those most in need. People who struggle with addiction, trauma, and illness can experience yoga not only as a transformative physical practice, but as a balm for spiritual and mental anguish. 

This fall, Brooke Hamblet Teaching Training School and Indigo Yoga present Outreach Yoga: A Continuing Education Elective. This workshop is suitable for 200-hour certified yoga instructors with a passion for transformative change.

Bringing over ten years of experience teaching yoga to a range of outreach communities, including detox facilities, crisis respite units, and community centers, the facilitators of this elective will provide intensive instruction on yoga’s relationship to trauma, addiction, and mental health, along with a practicum on how to teach to both adults and adolescents in a clinical setting. As a participant, you will participate in varied class structures, learn how to adapt a practice from the mat to the chair, and practice what you’ve learned in real time.     This program will be led by:
Taylor Matus, Outreach Director for Indigo Yoga, outreach instructor, 500RYT

Veronika Martin, Outreach instructor, MA in Sociology, 500RYT

10CEUS / $250 / Must have 200RYT
*Refunds only valid with at least 48 hours notice prior to workshop’s start.

WHAT MOST TEACHERS DON’T HAVE: Voice Training & Public Speaking, Presentation, & Performance Skills


At Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School, we want you to be heard as well as seen. While all yoga teacher trainings emphasize modeling and practice, most fail to develop an impactful spoken presence. In our voice coaching and public speaking elective, join BHTTS expert contributor, Douglas Davidson, in a journey to find your true voice. This day-long, intensive workshop, conducted in a group setting, includes two 45-minute yoga sessions led by Brooke Hamblet. The world is waiting for what you have to say — BHTTS can help you share it.

*For participation in this workshop, educators will receive 8CEU credits. Must have 200RYT



Join January Shannon, senior teacher and lead assistant at Indigo, for this all day elective that will further your working knowledge of hands-on assists. Utilizing Baptiste methodology, you will go beyond the basics and learn deepening and therapeutic adjustments that will further your value as an instructor and empower you to adapt assists to meet any student’s needs. This workshop is suitable for 200-hour certified yoga instructors with previous assisting training.