Thank you for your interest in Indigo Yoga’s Apprenticeship Program.  You have reached our Apprenticeship Portal where you may apply and track your application status. 

In order to apply, you must hold a BHTTS or Baptiste Yoga 200-hour RYT certification.

Completing the Apprenticeship Program is required if you are considering teaching at Indigo Yoga as a permanent team member. The purpose is to immerse you into our community and culture. 

Please thoroughly read all of the information within the Apprenticeship Portal.  We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Indigo Yoga’s Apprenticeship Program is 2 - 4 months in duration (a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 4 months).


  • If the apprentice fails to complete all of the requirements for the program, they are eligible to restart at any reasonable time, but can only restart one additional time.


  • Apprentices are not eligible for company benefits.


  • The Apprenticeship Program is exclusive to Indigo Yoga; apprentices are not allowed to mentor/apprentice at other competing studios (as per the Indigo Yoga Exclusivity Agreement that will be signed) during the duration of their Apprenticeship.


  • Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed for any reason.


  • BHTTS or Baptiste Yoga 200-hour teaching certification is required. If the applicant holds neither school certification, leadership team will review the applicant’s application and consider on a case-by-case basis.


  • The applicant may apply 90 days / 3 months after graduation from BHTTS and/or receipt of their certification.


  • The applicant must submit the apprenticeship application in full using Indigo Yoga’s Apprenticeship Portal at


  • The applicant must submit documentation of a consistent personal practice of 3 times per week at Indigo Yoga for at least a month prior to applying. Practice logs can be obtained through MindBodyOnline. Handwritten documentation is not accepted.


  • Practice Teaching is not required, yet definitely encouraged and a part of the initial decision process.


  • The applicant will attend an in-person interview.  After all interviews are completed, leadership team will meet and determine if the applicant is accepted to move to the next step. If it is decided that the applicant is not a fit at this time, he/she will not proceed to the next steps (listed below). 


  • The applicant will teach a live class, referred to as the “teaching interview class” at Indigo Yoga Sundance Square with BHTTS facilitators and contributors, Indigo Yoga leadership, and Indigo Yoga teachers present. Leadership point of contact will be present for the live teaching class and will provide feedback and initial evaluation of teaching skill. If the apprentice does not meet the teaching skill level, they will not move to the next step. It will be encouraged that her/she take 2 months or more to practice teach before re-applying.


  • The applicant will assist a live class at Indigo Yoga Westside, referred to as the “assisting interview class.” Leadership point of contact will be present for the live assisting class and will provide feedback and initial evaluation of assisting skill. If the applicant does not meet the standard skill level, they still may proceed forward, and if they do move forward, further assisting direction and evaluation will be given as an assistant during the Apprenticeship Program.


  • The applicant will be accepted into the Apprenticeship Program. And may be hired onto Team Indigo Yoga once leadership completes their evaluations and decisions at the end of the Apprenticeship Program.


  • Practice in studio 3 times per week for the duration of the Apprenticeship.


  • Practice teach a minimum of 2 times each month. At least one of the practice teaches is required to utilize the “Practice Teaching Tuesday” sessions at Indigo Yoga; a documentation sheet will be provided for all practice teaches. (If there is a work/consistent time conflict, please discuss to create a plan).


  • Assist 10 classes in total, minimum. The first two assisting classes are referred to as the “shadow-assisting classes,” (assisting while shadowing a member of the lead assisting team). If the lead assistant approves the apprentice to assist solo, they are then required to assist the other 8 classes solo. If the lead assistant does not approve the apprentice, coaching and more shadow assisting may be required. Once the apprentice is approved, they still must assist 8 solo classes.


  • Observe one class led by a seasoned Indigo Yoga teacher (ex: Brooke, 300-hour teacher, or long time Indigo Yoga teacher) and complete the observation form provided.


  • Work a 4-hour desk shift, coordinated with front desk lead, Free First Wednesdays encouraged.


  • Complete all Indigo Yoga Apprenticeship forms and documentation thereof, and submit prior to scheduling the final “live teaching interview class” at Indigo Yoga Westside.


  • Lead a “live teaching interview class” at Indigo Yoga Westside, during a non-prime time class slot.



A note on the Apprenticeship


  • If the apprentice did not meet the assisting skill level before beginning his/her Apprenticeship, he/she will still follow the requirements above, yet will not be eligible to be a paid permanent assistant once the Apprenticeship Program is completed in its entirety. If he/she still wants to pursue opportunities for paid assisting, he/she may work with members of the lead assisting team and be reassessed at a later time for eligibility to be a paid class assistant. It is possible that after going through the assisting process above, he/she may have improved enough to be eligible by this point in the process, but not guaranteed.


  • Indigo Yoga’s owner and director has the final say after the “live teaching interview class” as to whether or not the apprentice is ready to be immersed into Indigo Yoga’s teaching team at large as a sub-teacher.

Thank You!


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